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is there a way to get all procs in a file?

or do i have to read the file as "normal" file and search for "proc" as string?
avilon  07-27-2005, 12:34  


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info procs ?pattern?

    If pattern isn't specified, returns a list of all the names of Tcl command procedures in the current namespace. If pattern is specified, only those procedure names in the current namespace matching pattern are returned. Matching is determined using the same rules as for string match. If pattern contains any namespace separators, they are used to select a namespace relative to the current namespace (or relative to the global namespace if pattern starts with ::) to match within; the matching pattern is taken to be the part after the last namespace separator.

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elven  07-27-2005, 15:00   Jabber
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You *could* source the file into a seperate, safe interpreter and execute info procs * over there - but that bears lots of potential problems, since the script might not like it.
The only viable way I can think of is grepping the file for proc header definitions, eg /proc\s+(\S+)\s+\{\s*((?:\S+)(?:\s*))*\s*}\s+\{/ or sth like that :)


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