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elven  12-02-2005, 23:14   | Read this first please Jabber
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This forum is for Serious Offers/Requests only.

Serious Offers/Requests are regarded (as in guideline) as follows:
  • a clear outline on what has to be done, in the case of a script request
  • expected/targeted payment or if you want it done for free
  • preferably Jobs that would warrant a business contract
  • possibly a timeframe

This does NOT exclude changes/revisions to existing scripts; the difference being to posts in the IPS forum is simple, Ask yourself "Would my client mind  paying for that if it were a regular task in my daytime job?" and if you can answer that with yes, this here is for you.

Do not post here if your request or offer does not meet the above criteria - go to the "immediate problem solving" forum instead, please.

The staff retains the right to rename and/or move topics at their discretion.

Now that we're all that spunk over with - have fun :)


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