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12-02-2005, 15:40 by CyBex | BANs 
English: If you are banned in #Tcl, you can ask here to remove it. If you have a special reason in your kickmsg, remove your fault and leave us here a note.

Deutsch: Wenn du in #Tcl gebannt bist, kannst du hier nachfragen ob wir ihn entfernen können. Hast du einen besonderen Grund in der Kickmsg, behebe erst das Problem und hinterlass uns hier eine Notiz..

Good Luck..

Gotisch  11-25-2007, 22:52   | *!*@ ICQ
Member since 01/2006
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Location: Europe
Why was i banned and for how long?

The webpage just says:
[   3] *!*@
       Since 7 hours 46 minutes
What rule did i break?
mik  11-25-2007, 23:10   ICQ  MSN
Member since 04/2004
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nick-change spam!

- mik [Not loaded: http://www.comteam.at/~mike/1.gif]
[Not loaded: http://img.uptime-project.net/img/4/20364.png]
Gotisch  04-09-2008, 00:23   ICQ
Member since 01/2006
19 Posts
Location: Europe
wow 8 hours for getting reconnected 4 times  :rolleyes: thats a bit harsh, don't you think  :vogel: ?
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