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12-02-2005, 15:40 by CyBex | BANs 
English: If you are banned in #Tcl, you can ask here to remove it. If you have a special reason in your kickmsg, remove your fault and leave us here a note.

Deutsch: Wenn du in #Tcl gebannt bist, kannst du hier nachfragen ob wir ihn entfernen können. Hast du einen besonderen Grund in der Kickmsg, behebe erst das Problem und hinterlass uns hier eine Notiz..

Good Luck..

d[-_-]b10-04-2008, 17:39   | *!*@HackeMate.users.quakenet.org
shroud banned me because he does not like my nick d[-_-d[-_-]b-_-]b

That was his reason. I did not knew that for stay in #tcl I must blow shroud. If this is a serious channel... we all can die already.

Probably his ban reason were I was talking too much, but he don't wanted create controversy (in that case, just ignore me PoKeMoN)

If you guys are resolving your self problems with bans... is ok, anything is fine for me, I still don't feel bad - I did nothing with bad intention

By the way, if shroud thinks it is neccesary, remove my forum account too
your god10-07-2008, 19:59  
epic fail
d[-_-]b10-07-2008, 20:26   | *!*@HackeMate.users.quakenet.org
Im nihilistic
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