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Client for Free Internet Chess Server
HackeMate  12-08-2008, 12:53   | free Chess Homepage
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There is various FICS clients, such as knights or Jin Applet but they requires a console based-commands to play, and that makes the game slower, apart of are MDI GUI.

I want create something like

http://www.zeitnot.com.ve/images/fotos/A21Feria.JPG with usefull menus and hotkeys.

The protocol is quite simple such as irc. I think is a good project to learn & enjoy, and if you know play chess more yet. A good start to point: freechess.org. The client will run in any server with that protocol. If the project looks nice the next step will be create an own fcis server

If you are expert with Tk, let me know and follow:


Clean code

Comment your sourcecode
Have read before The Tcl Style guide (search google)

Good person :)


I'm the Player2
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