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Xabriel  03-07-2010, 13:09   | physioroom MSN  Homepage
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Location: Unknown
Hey, could anyone make a script that will search through this link:

For example;

<Football> !physioroom Denilson
<Boot> Team: Arsenal; Total Team Injuries: 9; Player Name: Denilson; Condition: Calf Muscle Strain; Expected Return; March 6th, 2010, Next Match; Doubtful

And an option to search for a Team, and then it provides a list of all the playes injuries and the data above
SIYB  07-15-2010, 00:46   Jabber  Homepage
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what's the pay?
Gotisch  07-15-2010, 21:02   ICQ
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Location: Europe
if there is no pay i suggest a combined effort! ill start with
# physioroom script
# (c) people in #tcl
namespace eval physioroom {

rojo  02-09-2011, 14:56   | combined effort ICQ  AOL IM  Yahoo IM
the slow
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Location: Tennessee, USA
You forgot "package require http"
Johannes13  01-31-2012, 22:19   Homepage
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package require http
bind pub - !physioroom [namespace current]::pub
proc pub {n u h c a} {

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