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thommey  03-31-2005, 12:33   | [EGG] Random line from a file Jabber
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# Returns a random line out of $file (error if it doesnt exist)
proc randline {file} {
    set fs [open $file r]
    set data [read $fs]
    close $fs
    # Now we have the complete content of $file stored in $data
    set data [split $data \n]
    # Now it's a list of lines, and we use eggdrop's "rand" function to get a random element from it (and return it)
    return [lindex $data [rand [llength $data]]]

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nazeeb  04-13-2011, 11:59   | Regarding Line extraction
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what if I need to extract a specific line from the file
that is my file contains lines starting from $$, $#, $. and so on......
However there are some other lines where in am interested to extract and put into another file......
heartbroken  01-11-2012, 19:21   | re
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thommey i've seen these kinda random reader codes before but i wonder how a code read within a txt file line by line .not random...

can you show an example code for about this please.
for an example if i want my bot posts a poem in poems.txt,bot should be post this line by line on channel how its possible to creat a code for that.
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CyBex  01-12-2012, 00:27   Jabber  ICQ  AOL IM  Yahoo IM  MSN  Homepage
nie da


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mfG CyBex @ QuakeNet, UnderNet, EFNet, Freenode, euIRC, GameSurge & ShadowWorld - Files
heartbroken  01-15-2012, 13:39   | hey
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/me Thanks to you CyBex :)
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