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As the name says.
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Read this first please   Important
Important information that might safe your life contained within.    Then again, maybe not.
Eggdrop/TCL Requests
Looking for someone to code a couple of scripts.
Seka202-01-2012, 07:15
Xabriel401-31-2012, 23:19
bash -> tclVylhan109-19-2009, 02:47
gatherZmEu506-13-2009, 20:04
cupbot in TCL-scripting
I am looking for a TCL scripter to make TinyURL similar work.metros203-26-2009, 23:25
free Chess
Client for Free Internet Chess Server
help to edit irc pickup scriptWasteful110-10-2008, 22:38
IRC client written in TCL/TK
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