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Tiny helpers to ease your pain.
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[EGG] Debuggerthommey   
[TCL] Ridiculously complicated regular expressionsthommey304-22-2014, 07:47
[EGG] Random line from a filethommey401-15-2012, 13:39
[TCL] Human readable file sizesthommey   
[TCL] Round a number (5.55 => 5.6 instead of 5.5 as 'format %.2f' would do it)thommey110-28-2011, 01:29
[EGG/TCL] tail -f in the backgroundthommey   
[TCL] Coroutine enabled portscannerthommey   
[TCL] Hexdumpthommey   
[EGG] Redirect errors to a channel/querythommey107-24-2010, 13:26
[EGG] Script to accept pastes via msg (w/coroutine example)thommey   
[EGG] Get the Q-Auth of a user (ircu AC token, X-Auth)   thommey505-21-2009, 03:23
[EGG] Join/Part a channel and spy out (aka Bot-Request)thommey102-05-2009, 22:31
[TCL] Trace open file handles (to get the filename from an open filesocket)thommey   
[TCL/TK] - gif-2-base64 / base64-2-gif   SIYB   
[EGG/TCL] Example on how to work with mysql (various libraries used)Turbo   
[TCL] fileCyBex1007-28-2007, 16:44
[EGG] Safe load script (errors in script wont crash the bot)Turbo   
[TCL] Synchronized high resolution timestampthommey   
[EGG] Parsing and/or changing mode-strings (as in chanset chanmode)thommey   
[TCL] Socket examples
Simple Server and Client socket in plain TCL
thommey109-25-2006, 23:10
[EGG] strip control codes (bold/underline/color) & Generic message handler to deal with chanmode +cthommey109-05-2006, 21:46
[EGG] Make the bot establish a dcc-chat to me (like /ctcp <bot> chat)thommey   
[TCL] convert textCyBex207-06-2006, 18:01
[EGG] Splitting long text into smaller parts for IRC outputGM307-06-2006, 17:56
[TCL] Randomize ListCyBex407-06-2006, 17:49
[TCL] re_syntax
Examples for regexp and regsub
CyBex404-25-2006, 21:31
[EGG] pub command  
public commands with wildcards
[EGG] Channel-Mode related thingsthommey103-20-2006, 21:11
[TCL] Getting the source code of a web siteMirage302-06-2006, 14:55
Random numbers
Better randomish numbers depending on the underlying kernel
elven112-13-2005, 18:50
[EGG] bind timeCyBex112-05-2005, 06:17
[TCL] get the calling procelven210-12-2005, 03:10
[EGG] Anti Flood TriggerCyBex410-12-2005, 02:46
[EGG] 4. Queue SystemCyBex   
[EGG] How to ping a person via ctcpMettwurst   
[EGG] Helper procs for colourful messageselven105-28-2005, 15:47
[EGG] Botnick as trigger (<botnick> do something)thommey   
[msl/TCL] Basic introductionCyBex205-24-2005, 22:49
[EGG] Dns Lookups (with variable-passing)thommey   
[EGG] isreg(ular)CyBex   
[EGG] Use variables inside strings and replacing them laterthommey   
[EGG] Check the lag of Bot<->Serverthommey   
[EGG/TCL] Errors / FehlermeldungenCyBex   
[EGG] bindCyBex204-01-2004, 13:37
[IRC] commands / rawCyBex204-01-2004, 10:26
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