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Here's the place to introduce scripts you think the world needs to see.
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[DE] TV Script Umfrage   Important poll
Wir wollen rausbekommen, wodrauf ihr wert legt..
[Site] Paste site   Important pollCyBex1805-19-2012, 01:24
Please attach a file to your postings :)   Important
The forum has problems with backslashes
Role of this forum   ImportantMirage   
[EGG] Logtrim  
Script um die logs automatisch zu verkleinern
UncleSam103-16-2014, 14:41
mySQL Database ConnectTurbo   
[EGG] TV Script (German stations)   1 2 3 4 5 6 7  
Beschreibung is im Text..
CyBex34002-14-2013, 01:58
pls help I need trnaslate TO .tcl
.mrc to .tcl
[TCL/TK] Simple font viewer   SIYB103-02-2011, 23:11
[TCL] StatsScript für pisg   Poll
StatsScript um mit pisg Stats generieren zu lassen via Eggdrop
UncleSam1002-24-2011, 19:46
Advanced Google  
Google Search Script
[EGG] Slot Script   Poll
Playing slot on your channel with friends or just alone
RSS lib  
A small call-it-a-lib script able to handle rss feeds
SIYB204-21-2009, 21:12
This script download a url link and add it to config file and load (or not, read config)
YouTube info  
This script show (or not) title, author, description, views, rating, and last comment if exists
Example to connect Msn
Basic msn client in Tcl
[EGG] requestTurbo   
[Egg] Mediawiki/Wikipedia RC Announcerelven   
[EGG] Access
Allows to set a channelmode +Access who will check Q-auth against a db
[EGG] Olympia Medaillenspiegel  
Postet die aktuelle Medaillenübersicht
[EGG] Leo
Nun Französisch
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