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[EGG] TV Script (German stations)   1 2 3 4 5 6 7  
Beschreibung is im Text..
script announcementsCyBex34002-14-2013, 01:58
[Site] Paste site   Important pollscript announcementsCyBex1805-19-2012, 01:24
Ban exempt script not matching properlyimminent problem solving1204-27-2012, 05:40
errorInfo tracen, aber nur für ungecatchte Fehlerimminent problem solvingsKy211-07-2011, 01:27
[TCL] StatsScript für pisg   Poll
StatsScript um mit pisg Stats generieren zu lassen via Eggdrop
script announcementsUncleSam1002-24-2011, 19:46
Fehler in SchelifehelpIceClaw   
bash -> tclJob Offers & RequestsVylhan109-19-2009, 02:47
Bitte entbannen.
channel related questionsToushirou   
gatherJob Offers & RequestsZmEu506-13-2009, 20:04
cupbot in TCL-scripting
Job Offers & Requestspixelized   
I am looking for a TCL scripter to make TinyURL similar work.Job Offers & Requestsmetros203-26-2009, 23:25
KIcks werden nicht in die db eingetragenimminent problem solvingRonny111-12-2008, 08:15
channel related questionsd[-_-]b210-07-2008, 21:26
dict Package und tcl 8.3
Wie kann ich von tcl8.3 auf dict8.5.1 zugreifen?
helpLena807-15-2008, 12:35
convert mirc script to tclimminent problem solvingGreek906-03-2008, 18:36
... Ban?!---
channel related questionsdondanho304-09-2008, 01:25
Bann im #tcl und ich weiss nicht warum.channel related questionsGrave_Digger103-25-2008, 16:43
obfuscationimminent problem solvingiamdeath310-25-2007, 13:46
https seitenhelpHottihotte208-06-2007, 21:28
Binds working?
helpMcFly407-28-2007, 16:04
Clearing a topic
to get the tcl started in the channel it needs to clear the topic
imminent problem solvinglostmyaim407-13-2007, 21:32
Basic status change scripthelpMcFly204-05-2007, 10:41
Help with Converting
helpMcFly204-04-2007, 18:17
Problem mit Auto FTP Uploadimminent problem solving301-31-2007, 00:03
tclsh im Apache2 verwendenhelpdiK111-30-2006, 22:15
help to convert
from mrc file to tcl
helpraco0n1611-22-2006, 19:45
Problem mit der sc.tcl
Datei kann nicht gefunden werden -.-
imminent problem solvingeRaz0r1337310-16-2006, 12:41
Bot startet aber connectet nicht.
bot connectet nur ins qnet wenn man ihn mit -n startet
Problem with news script
Bot will send msg only if are any changes on website.. but how to do it?
imminent problem solvingfclan101-19-2006, 18:49
Problem with execimminent problem solvingkoboldx201-08-2006, 13:44
Only 1 regexp works, if i try to get more than one dont works
imminent problem solvingFclan   
random lettersimminent problem solvingWinters212-30-2005, 01:17
Mouse event Bindings, Sharing widget propertiesimminent problem solving112-03-2005, 21:38
Keepout Script Errorimminent problem solving310-22-2005, 19:48
TestsmalltalkMirage4108-29-2005, 23:21
(ger) Flood-kick recover!imminent problem solving107-14-2005, 00:15
QuotessmalltalkCyBex107-08-2005, 05:06
Look for a string in a textfileimminent problem solving106-23-2005, 22:19
(ger) Bot schmiert immer ab.imminent problem solvingFrone1306-20-2005, 18:36
(Ger) mirc2eggdrop???imminent problem solving106-20-2005, 15:56
AOL warningimminent problem solvingDeadCanny306-03-2005, 21:16
Netsplit erkennenimminent problem solving405-25-2005, 18:54
Catch command to source fileimminent problem solving105-24-2005, 13:34
Probleme mit qbot.tcl [german]imminent problem solving303-28-2005, 15:13
Problem mit queue scriptimminent problem solving503-17-2005, 19:24
(ger) text und chan aus dateien zufällig auswählenimminent problem solving1112-05-2004, 22:34
Get Info From Sqlimminent problem solving   
Need help wiff scriptimminent problem solving211-14-2004, 18:24
(ger) supportscriptimminent problem solving111-11-2004, 13:37
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