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kennedyt  06-07-2010, 14:52 | Object Name Already Exists
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I have this piece of code that uses a library in a risk managment system. I am however having problems when trying to construct an object on the last line of the code snippet.

What does the error Object name already exist indicate

Please help

  1. returns the size of the the ValTransList
set valtranslistsize [ValTransListSize $tr]
puts $outfile "valtranslistsize is $valtranslistsize"

  1. returns the Val Transactions object corresponding to the index specified
for {set i 0} {$i<$valtranslistsize} {incr i} {

set vt [ValTransactions $i $tr]
set valfromtransactions [ValFromTransactions $vt]
puts $outfile "Valtrans = $vt"
puts $outfile "Valfromtrans = $valfromtransactions"

set pValPtr [pValuable_fetch $valex]
set pValType [pValuable_valType $pValPtr]
set valObjPtr [pValuable_castTo$pValType $pValPtr]
$pValType thisPort -this $valObjPtr
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