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MC JAX05-24-2005, 12:24   | Catch command to source file

I have the below piece of code in my program.

This should basically check for a file called list_codes.list, if it exists, then display these to the  user screen, else display error message saying file does not exist.

This file DOES exist though but i keep getting a message saying file not found

 if { [catch "source $fFile" RDONLY] } {
                        puts "<input type=text name=reason maxlength=30>"
                        puts "<input type=hidden name=rmode value=0>"
                        puts "<td class=small valign=top>($_applbl(SCRAPFILEMISSING)<br>"
                        puts "$fFile
} else {
                        puts "<select name=reason>"
                        foreach code [array names codes] {
                                puts "<option value=\"$codes($code)\">$codes($code)</option>"
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to check that file exists and is readable dont use your catch, use:                                                                                                                               
if {[file exists $fFile] && [file readable $fFile]} { .. }

or use "open" to read it.. but source interpret the file...

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