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IRC client written in TCL/TK
SIYB  08-28-2007, 04:05   | tIRC Jabber  Homepage
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I am looking for people, which are willing to help me finish programming tIRC, a TCL/TK based IRC client, that will be released under the terms of the GPL2.

Since tIRC is an OpenSource project, there will be no payment for contributers, but I am able to provide other meeds and goodies (we have resources left on our servers). I am not looking for elite TCL programmers, I am really happy to get some people with the enthusiasm to learn and extend their knowledge, as long as you have basic knowledge of TCL don't hesitate to reply to my post, if you are interested in participating.

I started tIRC in order to gain some experience in TK GUI programming, so the code might seem a bit amateurish, don't flame and/or complain.

Project overview:

- tIRC is aimed to be platform independent
- Written in TCL/TK (what else Oo)
- Information storage (userdata, servers etc): XML
- IRC "API" almost complete, but still pretty buggy :(
- The GUI needs some modifications as well (currently not all eventualities are handled as they should be!)
- The plugin API needs to be extended in a way that allows easy creation and maintenance (have some ideas and thoughts on this already)
- General modification and code maintenance required.

Would be nice if you had some experience with the following:

- The IRC protocol
- usability
- git (similar to CVS / SVN)
- Linux
- commenting your sourcecode
- the English language

I am programming on Linux so it would be nice if a Windows user is willing to participate. If you are short of time please don't even bother to reply.

The last thing I'd to mention is the url to tIRC's git repository in case you want to take a look at the current snapshot -->

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