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as first. i dont know almost anything about tcl. i need help to code tcl script. its "pickup script" for mirc. download= http://www.penetrate.nl/scripts/pickup-0.5.zip
so. with this script i can use these commands:
!add - for adding in pickup
!remove - for removing from pickup
!list - to see who is in pickup
!lastgame - to see last pickup
!help - to show commands
!top10 - with this command i can see top 10 players who has most played pickup
!pickupset - its like menu for additional commands
!remove <nick>

so. these r requests
when the game would be done all players should write command for "who won". like !sentinelwin if sentinel won. and !scourgewin for scourge. so this is connected to !top10 command. and the most voices wins. example. if sentinel won  (7 players vote !sentinelwin and 3 (stupid guys) vote !scourgewin. then it should be sentinel won. so- all sentinel players get +30 exp and scourge -30.
so... for !top10 (stats, ladder)  i want to see win/loose ratio and experience that will start from 1000. every loose will decrese experience for 30 and win increase for 30.
i want to add command !rank and !rank <nick>. it should show u (if !rank) on what place u r on toplist and how many wins/loose and experience u have. same for !rank <nick> but it shows u his rank.

pickup is like that ?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/?/? 0/10 while adding in. so when pickup would be full bot should shuffle them by their experience and the bot should say
Sentinel: ?/?/?/?/? Scourge: ?/?/?/?/?
and then bot would send everyone host name
explanation for shuffling players
sentinel - 1,4,5,8,9  (exp. 1200, 1100, 1050, 1000, 970)
scourge - 2,3,6,7,10 (exp. 1150, 1130, 1040, 1020, 960)

then. there is !add command for players. i want !addhost command. and that player would be another color on pickup. and his name should be instead IP that bot sends by msg.
so these new thing just have to be adden to existing script.
i think thats all. and i think its easy to done for ppl who really knows tcl code. if this can anyone do, croatian dota community will be very thankfull.
and btw. by "bot" i mean "script"
and if u need more examples or screenshots just post

if i need to pay we can deal
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