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sedition  04-22-2014, 07:14   | helpme please regex tcl for dcc exploit
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someone can help with these regex codes to me
this is for protection anti dcc xploits

regex "\x01DCC (SEND|RESUME)[ ]+\"(.+ ){20}";
regex "\x01DCC (SEND|RESUME).{225}";


bind CTCP - DCC handle:exploit
proc handle:exploit {nick uh hand dest key arg} {
  if {[regexp {(SEND|RESUME).*"(?:[^" ]*\s){32}.*$} $arg]} {
    set banmask *!*@[lindex [split $from @] 1]
    set chan [lindex [split $arg] 0]
    newchanban $chan $banmask Exploit "DCC Exploit" 1d
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